Navigate your conference with ease.


Navigate any conference or live event with confidence.

mapt offers you a single system to navigate all of your conferences. It turns the text-based description of each session, poster, and abstract into an image tile. Things you like are big. Places your friends are going are bold. It learns your preferences every time you use the system. Then, it applies that knowledge to personalize each experience at every conference.


Tell us your interests and we’ll bring you related content.

Tell us what matters to you — the topics and types of conference sessions. We use this information to personalize your experience. As you use the system, we adjust the topics to go beyond a simple “yes/no” for each topic. You can tell us who you came to hear and who you care to follow. We use this important community data to connect you to the sessions that you want to see. 


We show you what your friends are interested in. Make any event social.

You can bring your colleagues from other social media platforms (like Twitter or LinkedIn) into mapt. Like a social network, when you plan to attend a session or “like” content, mapt informs your community — except we are visual. Instead of putting an item higher in a list of search results, mapt makes the session tile bigger. Instead of simply showing “likes,” mapt pushes the session forward visually.