Our Story


Who We Are

watzan is a company for the future. Alright, that might be hyperbolic, but we want to be on the cutting edge of our current tech boom. We’ve wanted to be there ever since we sat down in front of a TV and asked: “Can’t this be easier?” “Can’t my shows come to me instead of being buried behind mountains of lists? Someone should build an app that simplifies our experience.” That’s exactly what we did. Our technology studies what you like and brings similar content to your fingertips. No muss, no fuss. And the whole time you can stay connected to your social media accounts. watzan makes your experience fun, simple, and social. Spend less time time choosing and more time doing. That’s our promise to you.


Our Goals

We have a stellar roster of apps that are helping us reach our goals of optimal content curation. mapt is our award-winning conference app. Conferences are tricky to navigate; mapt cuts through the noise. It brings you the sessions, speeches, and discussions that match your interests. It’s helped hundreds of medical professionals at dozens of healthcare conferences. It’s the perfect app for any live event.

feedkast is the app that keeps you up-to-date. It combs Twitter for articles and stories. Tell it what you want to read and reap the great stories. It’s your personal curator. These apps are just samples of what watzan can do. We’re always growing and learning. Keep an eye out for our latest developments and products.